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This is higher quality/premium dinner napkins of which there can be no debate. If you are not familiar with this quality, these dinner napkins will surprise you! Some call these linen-like or linen-type dinner napkins because they are about the best you can get with paper, but they are not linen or really even close to linen, but are excellent disposable dinner napkins. If you entertain as much as we do and much of the time you have a more formal setting, this works well with that, as it will with our slow-smoked leg of lamb feast at Easter.

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Morris Rosman

You get what you pay for: I find lots of cheaper towels, but these make you feel pampered. True premium quality. Thick, absorbent, soft cloth-like feel that guests appreciate, a classy alternative to sharing actual cloth guest hand towels. Strong enough to do hard work, and you never need more than one.

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Avid Rita

We were very impressed with the thickness and sturdiness of these linen like towels. We use them in our office wash room as hand towels - they're fantastic!

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Moe Joe

Wonderfully versatile and useful napkins. These are elegant on the dinner table, and I sometimes use them instead of cloth napkins. I also began offering them in my guest/hall bathroom as an alternative to hand towels, and I've noticed that my dinner/house guests prefer them to (clean!) cloth hand towels. A little pricey for a paper product, but they add a touch of real luxury.

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Taylor Lenn

A little bit thinner than what I would like, but works pretty much as you would expect them too.

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Joe Johnson

Good quality unbleached napkin. Be aware that it is the smaller size for beverages or deserts, NOT the size you'd put in your kitchen table napkin dispenser. Great for composting after they're used!

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Jason Cole